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Resettable fuse Technical standards[2017-06-14 13:02:05]
At the specified ambient temperature,For example: 25 ℃,Before installation into the circuit, the specific type of Resettable fuse series,
Fireproof fuse holder Flame retardant grade[2017-06-12 12:07:49]
Fireproof fuse holder Flame retardant grade The temperature coefficient of the Fireproof fuse holder is determined by the raw material used, The higher the temperature, the more expensive the material, This is proportional. Plastic flame re
tube fuse holder Function Description[2017-06-07 14:52:19]
Tube fuse holder can be divided into spiral and buckle.Wire is generally electronic wire
Current fuse life[2017-05-31 22:25:45]
Current fuse life Factors that affect current fuses: Pulse current, working ambient temperature, contact resistance. 1. Pulse current: Impulse shock, will produce thermal cycling, Resulting in the proliferation of the fuse, oxidation, therm
Zero line need to install fuse?[2017-05-28 17:34:51]
Household appliances in overcurrent and short circuit protection Fuses will be used,Before the design and installation of fuses
small car fuses Size and parameter standards[2017-05-19 11:51:27]
small car fuses Size and parameter standards
Fuse online selection[2017-05-17 19:54:31]
Fuse online selection Fuse online generally in accordance with the loop current to determine the fuse model: Product circuit current, Is a constant current, Then the use of quick-blow type. Selection Rated voltage: Depending on the input vo
Car fuse box description[2017-05-09 12:36:25]
The designer put the car fuse are concentrated in a place,And this place is called a fuse box.
car fuse manufacturers standard[2017-05-07 23:27:50]
Looking for car fuse manufacturers,First of all we have to understand the concept of car fuses
Thermal fuses parameters term[2017-04-25 14:37:58]
Thermal fuses parameters term Thermal fuses have rated current and voltage, Fusing temperature (Tf), Use temperature (Th), Maximum temperature (Tm), Customers must be used under specified parameters. Otherwise the product can not be used no
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